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Breaking it Down

Martin Kramer Sees the Benefits of Active Soil Microbes There are many reasons why microbial activity in soil is important to Martin Kramer. Utilizing the fertilizer he applies on his farmer near Algona, Iowa, breaking down residue and increasing yield are at the top of the list. Kramer used Generate® with starter fertilizer applied during…

Seeing the Difference

Verne and Paul Reding See Greener, Healthier Crops with Generate® Paul and Verne Reding in north central Iowa have a deep connection to the land they farm. They know the history of every acre, and they understand that the soil they care for will produce crops for generations to come. Last year Paul and Verne…

It’s a Hit

Generate® in Latin America Many miles away from the small greenhouse in rural Minnesota were Generate® began, the microbial catalyst continues to demonstrate its effectiveness on various plants in different climates and soils. Generate® recently proved its versatility as it entered Latin America by positively impacting the growth and performance of flowers and pasture grass….