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Best Vermont Forage Achieved with Generate®

Top Baleage Began with Healthier, Greener Plants Farming neighbors often share both good times and bad when it comes to commodity prices, luck of the weather and harvest results. But for Raymond, and sons Howard and Sid Van Der Wey, their mixed field of alfalfa and grass near Ferrisburgh, Vermont only evoked some kind-hearted jealousy….

Going to Extremes: Generate® Helps Chris Scheer Manage the Weather Wildcard

In a year of challenging weather conditions, it can be tough enough to maintain plant health, much less gain a yield bump. That’s why 2013 will go down in the record books for Chris Scheer. “That was such a year of extremes,” said Scheer, who raises corn, soybeans and hogs in eastern Iowa near Lowden….

Ready, Set, Grow: Generate® Makes Combining Fun for Todd Mangin

Todd Mangin is only partially joking when he says his region of Potter County is one of the toughest places in the country to farm. “If I can find something that can help me increase yields, I’ll try it, but I take everything with a grain of salt,” said Mangin, who farms northwest of Gettysburg,…