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Best Vermont Forage Achieved with Generate®

Top Baleage Began with Healthier, Greener Plants Farming neighbors often share both good times and bad when it comes to commodity prices, luck of the weather and harvest results. But for Raymond, and sons Howard and Sid Van Der Wey, their mixed field of alfalfa and grass near Ferrisburgh, Vermont only evoked some kind-hearted jealousy….

Smart Nutrient Management: How Daryn Zeigler Gets the Most from Every Acre

Profitability in farming starts with production. For Daryn Zeigler, production means maximizing the resources that are available to his crop and taking them to the next level. “It makes sense to utilize what’s already in the soil, including micronutrients,” said Zeigler, who raises corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and cattle near Gettysburg, SD. That’s why Zeigler…

Seeing is Believing: 3B Farms Unlocks Plant Potential with Generate®

High yields don’t happen by accident. Just ask Ben Van Jaarsveld, manager of 3B Farms near Gettysburg, SD “I’m always looking for ways to get more yield, but I’m skeptical of products that make big promises,” said Van Jaarsveld, who farms in north-central South Dakota. When he heard about Generate® from Agnition, he was intrigued,…

It’s a Hit

Generate® in Latin America Many miles away from the small greenhouse in rural Minnesota were Generate® began, the microbial catalyst continues to demonstrate its effectiveness on various plants in different climates and soils. Generate® recently proved its versatility as it entered Latin America by positively impacting the growth and performance of flowers and pasture grass….