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Investing in Generate®

Seth Swan of Balaton, Minnesota, talks about his return on investment by using Generate®.

Agnition Helps Corn Producers Overcome Purple Leaf Syndrome

In several regions of the U.S., corn growth has been slow and plant leaves have acquired a purple tint because of cold soil conditions. The purple coloration in leaves is an accumulation of sugars produced by photosynthesis. The sugars would typically be utilized by the plant for root growth and development; however, when soils are…

Increased Microbial Activity Helps Overcome Cool Weather Plant Stress

Earlier plantings and planting into cold soils present challenges to crop growth and development. For example, corn is a warm season grass, which means that optimal growth for corn is around 85-90 degrees F. Corn will tolerate colder temperatures to around 50 degrees F, but growth will be slowed and sluggish. In a sense, the plant…

Best Vermont Forage Achieved with Generate®

Top Baleage Began with Healthier, Greener Plants Farming neighbors often share both good times and bad when it comes to commodity prices, luck of the weather and harvest results. But for Raymond, and sons Howard and Sid Van Der Wey, their mixed field of alfalfa and grass near Ferrisburgh, Vermont only evoked some kind-hearted jealousy….

Smart Nutrient Management: How Daryn Zeigler Gets the Most from Every Acre

Profitability in farming starts with production. For Daryn Zeigler, production means maximizing the resources that are available to his crop and taking them to the next level. “It makes sense to utilize what’s already in the soil, including micronutrients,” said Zeigler, who raises corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and cattle near Gettysburg, SD. That’s why Zeigler…

Delivering Results: Generate® Pays Off for Keith Ellis

Like any grower, Keith Ellis wants to maximize his crop each year. He has an extra incentive, however, since he grinds most of his corn for livestock feed. “Yield and quality are very important to me,” said Ellis, who raises 300 acres of corn and soybeans and runs a farrow-to-finish swine operation near Austin, MN….

Going to Extremes: Generate® Helps Chris Scheer Manage the Weather Wildcard

In a year of challenging weather conditions, it can be tough enough to maintain plant health, much less gain a yield bump. That’s why 2013 will go down in the record books for Chris Scheer. “That was such a year of extremes,” said Scheer, who raises corn, soybeans and hogs in eastern Iowa near Lowden….

Ready, Set, Grow: Generate® Makes Combining Fun for Todd Mangin

Todd Mangin is only partially joking when he says his region of Potter County is one of the toughest places in the country to farm. “If I can find something that can help me increase yields, I’ll try it, but I take everything with a grain of salt,” said Mangin, who farms northwest of Gettysburg,…

Goebels Get the Most From Every Acre of Generate®

Healthy crops don’t happen by accident. Just ask the Goebel family, who rely on smart management practices and proven solutions to enhance their crops’ yield potential. When they heard about Generate® from Agnition, a Ralco brand, they wanted to see if the product could deliver on its promise of healthier soils and healthier plants. “We’ve…

Seeing is Believing: 3B Farms Unlocks Plant Potential with Generate®

High yields don’t happen by accident. Just ask Ben Van Jaarsveld, manager of 3B Farms near Gettysburg, SD “I’m always looking for ways to get more yield, but I’m skeptical of products that make big promises,” said Van Jaarsveld, who farms in north-central South Dakota. When he heard about Generate® from Agnition, he was intrigued,…