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Delivering Results: Generate® Pays Off for Keith Ellis

Like any grower, Keith Ellis wants to maximize his crop each year. He has an extra incentive, however, since he grinds most of his corn for livestock feed. “Yield and quality are very important to me,” said Ellis, who raises 300 acres of corn and soybeans and runs a farrow-to-finish swine operation near Austin, MN….

Going to Extremes: Generate® Helps Chris Scheer Manage the Weather Wildcard

In a year of challenging weather conditions, it can be tough enough to maintain plant health, much less gain a yield bump. That’s why 2013 will go down in the record books for Chris Scheer. “That was such a year of extremes,” said Scheer, who raises corn, soybeans and hogs in eastern Iowa near Lowden….

Seeing the Difference

Verne and Paul Reding See Greener, Healthier Crops with Generate® Paul and Verne Reding in north central Iowa have a deep connection to the land they farm. They know the history of every acre, and they understand that the soil they care for will produce crops for generations to come. Last year Paul and Verne…

Achieving His Goal

Generate® Increases Corn Yields for Jim Kazemba There is one primary factor that drives Jim Kazemba’s farming decisions – Yield. He doesn’t mince words; Kazemba wants the highest yields possible and he will utilize advanced technologies, like Generate® from AgNition to achieve those results. “If there is something that increases yields, we’ll give it a…

Getting Through the Dry Spell

Healthier Crops Stay Greener Longer with Generate® The 2012 growing season was a lot like 2011 in southwest Minnesota: Plenty of moisture early and then drought from midsummer on. Patchy late summer rains had a significant impact on yields. The fields that caught a rain produced average to above average yields. Generate® formulated with Microbial…