Ralco announced today that Tom Chandler has joined Agnition as the Research Farm Manager and Agronomist/Seed Treatment Specialist to further develop its research and sales support efforts to help customers make informed decisions about products that are easy to use and effective on their farm.

Chandler’s involvement on his family’s farm and previous work with Chandler Co-Op in Edgerton, MN, and WFS in Truman, MN, serve as a significant asset in his new position. Chandler will manage Agnition’s five research farms, engage in product development and provide sales support. Agnition is a brand of Ralco; a family-owned company that Chandler has been familiar with for decades.

“I’ve watched Ralco grow and become what it is today since I was a child,” said Chandler. “I’ve followed the development of Agnition and its line of products ever since the beginning and kept an eye open looking for a spot where I may fit in.”

Research Manager Evan Johnson said Chandler brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Agnition. The company offers two seed treatment products, Commence® for Wheat and Commence® for Soybeans, a product that was launched this year. Chandler has extensive experience in the seed treatment industry.

“Tom will make an immediate impact at Agnition with his agronomy and seed treating experience,” said Johnson. “He will be managing the Agnition research farms as well as helping develop new products and provide sales support to our sales team and customers.”

In addition to research efforts, Chandler is eager to work with Agnition customers. He said Agnition’s Microbial Catalyst® technology improves soil health, which helps producers overcome many production challenges.

“The thing I like most about working with producers, is that every producer faces different challenges,” explained Chandler. “I enjoy helping them overcome challenges based on my past experience and developing a plan that benefits everyone.”

Chandler is a native of Balaton, MN, the headquarters of Agnition, and will be relocating to the area with his wife, Alecia, and two daughters.

Agnition is a brand of Ralco, a third-generation family owned multinational company with distribution in more than 30 countries. A leading global provider of crop enhancement products, livestock nutrition and animal health products; Ralco supports large segments of the livestock, poultry, aquaculture and crop industries.

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