Profitability in farming starts with production. For Daryn Zeigler, production means maximizing the resources that are available to his crop and taking them to the next level.

“It makes sense to utilize what’s already in the soil, including micronutrients,” said Zeigler, who raises corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and cattle near Gettysburg, SD.

That’s why Zeigler is always looking for ways to boost plant nutrition, which leads to healthier crops and higher yield potential. “If you get more than the average of 100 bushels of corn around here, that’s good,” said Zeigler, who added that soybean yields typically range from 35 to 40 bushels per acre in his area.

When he heard about Generate® from Agnition, which can lead to a 5 to 30 percent increase in intake of vital nutrients, he was intrigued. Generate® is not a micronutrient or a biological, but it provides food for soil microbes. He tested the product on 80 acres of corn and soybeans in 2012 and noticed a number of benefits.

“You could tell there was a better uptake of nutrients,” Zeigler said. “The plant stalks were a lot greener and healthier, and the crops had bigger root systems.”

He could also see how Generate® delivered on its ability to stimulate microbial activity in the soil to liberate nutrients and enhance plant efficiency. Zeigler saw a 7-bushel yield increase with his soybeans and was pleased with the results on his corn, too.

“The difference on the corn was most visible,” he noted. “The ears on the Generate® acres filled all the way out to the tip.”

Know more, grow more
Generate®’s simplicity is a plus, noted Zeigler, who has applied the product as a foliar by itself on some crops. He has also tank-mixed Generate® with Roundup® herbicide when he applied a second pass around late June and early July. “I just set up another cone on my spray trailer and turn a valve,” said Zeigler, who applies Generate® to corn when the crop is about waist high. “I like how it’s easy to use.”

Based on the success he saw in 2012, Zeigler applied Generate® on 500 acres of corn and alfalfa in 2013. One quart of Generate® per acre applied between first and second cuttings on stubble or regrowth can deliver clear results. “You could tell there was a better uptake of nutrients in the alfalfa,” said Zeigler, who was so impressed with the results that he plans to apply Generate® to all his alfalfa in 2014.

Along with applying Generate® on 1,000 acres of corn and alfalfa in 2014, Zeigler is looking forward to trying Generate® on some of his acres of hard red spring wheat. “I’d recommend Generate® to other growers. What you put into your crop is what you get out of it.”