Like any grower, Keith Ellis wants to maximize his crop each year. He has an extra incentive, however, since he grinds most of his corn for livestock feed.

“Yield and quality are very important to me,” said Ellis, who raises 300 acres of corn and soybeans and runs a farrow-to-finish swine operation near Austin, MN.

When he heard about Generate® from Agnition, a Ralco brand, he wanted to know more about its microbial action, which helps liberate nutrients to boost soil health, plant health and yield potential. “We spread swine manure on our land, and I’m interested in things that lead to healthier soil and crops.”

In 2012, Ellis tried Generate® on 50 acres of corn and 50 acres of soybeans. He applied the product in-furrow on the corn acres and foliar applied Generate® on the soybean acres. He tank-mixed Generate® with a herbicide, which made for a simple, one-pass system on his soybean acres. “Generate® is a safe product, and it’s easy to use,” Ellis said.

Generate® pays for itself
Since 2012 turned out to be a drought year, Ellis didn’t expect a lot from Generate®. He was impressed, however, with what he saw at a root dig on his farm in August. “It was clear that the roots on the Generate® acres were thicker. We also saw a yield boost at harvest.”

Generate® has been shown to help crops utilize 5 percent to 30 percent more of the vital nutrients needed to withstand stress and produce maximum yield. While corn yields in Ellis’s area struggled to reach 100 bushels per acre in 2012, his corn that had been treated with Generate® reached 120 bushels per acre. He also saw an 8-bushel yield bump on his soybean acres where Generate® had been applied.

“The product paid for itself and gave some extra,” Ellis said. “Since it did this well in a tough year, I wondered how much it could do in a normal year.”

Ellis tried Generate® on 245 acres of corn and soybeans in 2013, although that growing season also brought a number of serious weather challenges. In 2014, Ellis plans to apply Generate® to nearly all his acres, except 20 acres in certain fields, so he can compare Generate® to his untreated acres.

“Generate® has worked for me, and I look forward to seeing what it can do this year.”