Todd Mangin is only partially joking when he says his region of Potter County is one of the toughest places in the country to farm.

“If I can find something that can help me increase yields, I’ll try it, but I take everything with a grain of salt,” said Mangin, who farms northwest of Gettysburg, SD, a region that typically receives less than 20 inches of rainfall per year. “Out here, you can say all you want, but you’ve got to back it up with results.”

When Mangin heard about Generate® from Agnition, he was interested—but cautious. “I’ve tried other products that claimed to benefit the crop, but nothing good came out of them,” said Mangin, who noted that the typical Potter County average corn yield is 100 to 110 bushels per acre. “Products have to pencil out for me.”

In 2012, Mangin decided to try Generate® on 400 acres at his Lazy Diamond M Ranch, where he raises corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, sunflowers and cattle. “You could see a big difference where Generate® was applied,” said Mangin, referring to his corn acres. “The plants were a darker green, they stayed greener longer, and they were a good six inches taller than the fields where we didn’t apply Generate®.”

While root digs showed a noticeable difference in root mass where Generate® was applied, Mangin was even more impressed when he harvested the crop. “There was a 15- to 20-bushel yield bump in the fields with Generate. In some areas, the yield advantage was as high as 40 bushels per acre.”

Generate® becomes the talk of the neighborhood
Generate® also fits Mangin’s style of farming. “I’ve used it with insecticides and herbicides, and it mixes easily and doesn’t plug up your sprayer tips,” said Mangin, who did his own spraying in 2012 and had his acres custom sprayed in 2013. “While the custom applicator hadn’t worked with Generate® before, it worked fine for him, too.”

In 2013, Mangin applied Generate® on 1,300 acres. The corn with Generate® looked phenomenal throughout the growing season, noted Mangin, whose dryland acres of Golden Harvest corn with Generate® produced 190 bushels per acre. Even the corn on poorer ground produced 140 bushels per acre. “I’ve never had corn like that,” said Mangin, who noted that the corn ears with Generate® were huge, averaging 22 rows around, and were filled to the tip with 45 to 50 kernels in each row. “It was a lot of fun to combine.”

The neighbors took note, Mangin added. “I had five people call about the fields where I applied Generate® and ask about how much fertilizer I’d applied. Since I was worried that we wouldn’t get the rain, I actually cut back on nutrients and fertilized for 100- to 110-bushel corn rather than 150-bushel corn.”

Results like this have inspired Mangin to not only continue using Generate® in 2014, but try it on spring wheat, winter wheat and sunflowers, too. He’s also planting some new alfalfa fields and will apply Generate® on least half of these acres.

“I’m very impressed with Generate®. I encourage other people to try it for at least a few years and give it a fair run.”