Healthy crops don’t happen by accident. Just ask the Goebel family, who rely on smart management practices and proven solutions to enhance their crops’ yield potential.

When they heard about Generate® from Agnition, a Ralco brand, they wanted to see if the product could deliver on its promise of healthier soils and healthier plants. “We’ve been using Ralco feed products for years in our cow-calf operation,” said Dale Goebel, who raises corn, alfalfa, wheat, spring wheat, winter wheat, soybeans and sunflowers with his family near Lebanon, SD. “Generate® smells just like our Ralco mineral feed.”

Like Ralco feed products, Generate® stimulates microbes for enhanced performance. Specifically, it makes soil microbes more efficient, which makes fertilizer more efficient.

The Goebels tried Generate® on half of an alfalfa pasture in 2010. “We saw an increase in relative feed value and protein where we applied Generate®,” said Lee Goebel, who noted that the alfalfa with Generate® had a Brix reading of 14, compared to a Brix reading of 10 where the product wasn’t applied.

The alfalfa that was sprayed with Generate® also exhibited an increased resistance to yield-robbing alfalfa weevils. “While our neighbors had to spray for weevils, we didn’t,” said Lee Goebel, who attributes this to the larger Brix readings, adding that the higher sugar content is difficult for weevils to digest. “The fewer chemicals you have to use, the better.”

Healthier plants produce higher yields
The Goebels were so impressed with the results that they began using Generate® on more of their acres. In 2011, they saw a 22-bushel-per-acre yield bump on their irrigated corn and a 7- to 8-bushel yield bump on dryland acres where Generate® was applied.

“By 2012 we decided to apply Generate® on pretty much everything,” said Dale Goebel. “With the corn and wheat, you could see that plants with Generate® were a darker green color. The corn shot a tassel a day or two earlier, and wheat shot a head sooner, too, and they were longer, bigger heads.”

Using Generate® is simple, noted Jerry Goebel, who handles all the spraying. He combines 1 quart of Generate® with 10 gallons of water per acre. “You dump it right in the tank, and you can tank-mix it with herbicides and fungicides. It’s about the easiest thing you can use.”

Higher tonnage captures attention
Generate® delivers consistent results, even in a variety of weather conditions, said Jerry Goebel, who applies the product by itself on alfalfa that’s right out of dormancy in early spring. The Goebels’ alfalfa that was sprayed with Generate® produced 6.5 tons per acre in 2011, a favorable weather year, and contributed to four cuttings per year.

Even in dry conditions like 2013, Generate® helped the Goebels harvest three cuttings of alfalfa, while other area growers only harvested one. “Seeing is believing,” Sam Goebel said. “Last year a lot of the neighbors were asking how our alfalfa looked so good. Now many of them are trying Generate®.”

These results speak for themselves, Jerry Goebel said. “I’m hard to convince, but I’m sold on Generate®. It’s an effective product, and we’re very happy with it.”