By Andy Lanoue, Agnition Product Manager

In the past two months Agnition played host to our counterparts from Europe, Asia and Latin America. Edwin Grim from the Netherlands and Rod Huisman from Thailand visited us in early December. In late January, Keith Yancey, Jane Becker and Tatiana Gomez from Ecuador made their way to Balaton as well as Martin Sanchez from Uruguay.

Looking after tomato field trials in Puerto Rico.

Looking after tomato field trials in Puerto Rico.

Our international team had the opportunity to meet our leadership and expanded research and development staff in Balaton. It was also their first chance to see our increased research capabilities with the new greenhouse.

During our strategic discussions, joint vision and focus were shared among the team. We confirmed that there are many common opportunities that we can take on together seeking to capitalize on the vast value of our innovative products. As we look ahead, we will strategically approach opportunities together to ensure we are taking a well thought out approach to crop research and geographic expansion.

Our global staff is complemented by our new research partner in Puerto Rico. Through this partnership with an independent research firm we are able to expand our research capabilities by adding additional growing seasons for corn and soybeans during the winter.

In addition, they have commercial production and research capabilities in other crops we are targeting. Currently, testing is underway in Puerto Rico on some enhanced foliar products for corn along with trials to evaluate a new tomato product.

In Thailand, Agnition has partnered with our distributor Vet Agritech Co (VAC) for research trials. The corn field trials were applied with Generate® (foliar) on corn. They have also begun experimenting with rice through field trials. The next series of plot work will be with a larger field size for both rice and corn.

We may be worlds apart, but no matter where we are the Agnition team has a common goal to improve soil and plant health so farmers can achieve their production goals. Through our research and partnerships, we are here perfecting products that farmers need.

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Agnition greenhouse at the Ralco Technology Campus.

Agnition Greenhouse
Construction of the Agnition greenhouse in Balaton was completed in early October and it was promptly put to work. One round of seed treatment trials on corn, soybeans and small grains has been completed, and the second round of seed treatments is in progress. The greenhouse allows us the luxury of doing trials year round.

Evan Johnson, greenhouse manager, has been impressed with the how the greenhouse has remained consistent through the tough winter weather. “We’ve had no variation in temperature,” said Johnson. “The greenhouse has been a great addition to our research and development team. It enables us to move our research along at a much faster pace, but also allows us to make modifications from trial-to-trial as we learn more.”