Verne and Paul Reding See Greener, Healthier Crops with Generate®

Paul and Verne Reding in north central Iowa have a deep connection to the land they farm. They know the history of every acre, and they understand that the soil they care for will produce crops for generations to come. Last year Paul and Verne incorporated Generate®, a microbial and nutrient catalyst, into their farm and witnessed substantial benefits.

“You could definitely see the difference in the field,” Verne said. “I can still see the visual difference in my mind between the rows of corn that had Generate® applied to them and those that didn’t. You could see that the corn was greener right down to the row, and you could see it all year long even with the limited amount of moisture that we had last year. It was the same variety and when it got really dry it stayed greener longer, there was a noticeable difference.”

The brothers applied Generate® to their corn during planting by mixing it with starter fertilizer. Generate® was mixed with glyphosate and applied to the soybeans to increase soil and plant health. Paul said a healthy plant begins with healthy soil and increased microbial activity plays an important role in establishing an effective root system. Healthier plants produce quality grain which is important to the Redings because they feed out hogs.

“On the soybeans we saw more roots. On the corn we saw greener plants and they had a larger root system,” Paul said. “I think if you have more root, the plants are going to take up more nutrients and moisture and be healthier. Plant health is important because we feed out a lot of our corn, if that corn plant is healthier and the test weight is good on the corn because of Generate®, it helps me when I’m feeding.”

Every growing season is going to present challenges for farmers. Heat, wind, rain, markets and other factors contribute to success. Most factors can’t be controlled; however, there is one aspect of their farm that the Redings rely on year after year – Soil. Including Generate® on their farm to promote soil and plant health gives them an opportunity to be as successful as possible.

“Soil health is a big deal for me,” Paul said. “It’s kind of like you and me; if we are eating right we are healthy. It’s the same with the plant, if they are healthier they are more resistant to stress. There is always stress, last year it was drought, maybe this year it will be too much moisture.”

Paul Reding farms near Garner, Iowa. Verne Reding farms near Wesley, Iowa. The brothers raise hogs for Niman Ranch.