Martin Kramer Sees the Benefits of Active Soil Microbes

There are many reasons why microbial activity in soil is important to Martin Kramer. Utilizing the fertilizer he applies on his farmer near Algona, Iowa, breaking down residue and increasing yield are at the top of the list. Kramer used Generate® with starter fertilizer applied during corn planting and glyphosate for soybeans to improve soil and plant health. The results were increased yield, and the greatest yield increases were where he had previously applied manure.

“If you stimulate root growth, you should be able to utilize more of the fertilizer that you put on and other nutrients that are out there. The two best tests I had, one with corn and one with soybeans, were on the home place where I applied manure,” Kramer said.

Generate® is a microbial and nutrient catalyst that stimulates microbial activity. Kramer said microorganisms are important for healthy soil and sustainable agriculture.

“There is a lot of research being done on soil health and microbes; it’s about all you read about in the farm magazines. The soil is a living thing. You need the microbes and their activity to keep the soil healthy. There are generations after us who will need to farm this land,” Kramer said.

Farmers like Kramer have tons of microbes/acre on their farms. Generate® has been proven to stimulate and increase the population of soil microbes. Greater microbial activity liberates nutrients bound up in soil and utilizes more of applied fertilizers.

“I use manure and if the microbes can break that down faster, it’s even better. Manure is an important part of my fertilizer program,” Kramer said.

Kramer’s crops suffered extreme stress during the late summer months when drought settled in on the region. Healthier plants are typically better able to withstand stress. Kramer conducted several checks on his corn and soybeans to measure the difference Generate® had on his crops.

“I took three different tests on soybeans and they all showed a yield increase which ranged from 0.75 – 3 bushels/acre. On the corn I saw as much as a 3 bushel/acre increase,” Kramer said.

During the hustle of spring planting or when waiting for the wind to die down during spraying, farmers simply cannot experience compatibility issues with the products they use. Kramer said compatibility is a major benefit of Generate®.

“On corn I applied Generate® with starter fertilizer, and with the soybeans I included it with the glyphosate. I had no problem mixing it with either of those,” he said.