Generate® Increases Corn Yields for Jim Kazemba

There is one primary factor that drives Jim Kazemba’s farming decisions – Yield. He doesn’t mince words; Kazemba wants the highest yields possible and he will utilize advanced technologies, like Generate® from AgNition to achieve those results.

“If there is something that increases yields, we’ll give it a try,” Kazemba said. “We are going strictly after yields.”

Kazemba tested Generate® in three corn trials during 2011. The microbial and nutrient catalyst increased yields by an average of 6 bushels/acre when added to starter fertilizer compared to the check treated only with starter fertilizer. The results were proof enough for Kazemba to treat all of his corn acres with Generate® in 2012.

“It’s the only thing that we added in on top of the starter fertilizer for the original trials and it increased yields by 6 bushels/acre,” Kazemba said.

“Generate® is a product that has proven itself. It proved itself in the trials and that’s why we used it on all our corn this last year,” added Dan Strandberg who works for Kazemba.

Like Kazemba said, he will utilize multiple products that increase yields. In 2012 he used eight different products to boost production including starter fertilizer, fungicide, insecticide and sugar. Generate® is compatible with all of the products Kazemba applies and is one component of his complete program.

“We use eight add-on products to increase yield and Generate® doesn’t have a problem going in with any of those other products,” Kazemba said. “We haven’t had any issues with compatibility.”

Kazemba said plant health contributes to greater yields. Generate® has been proven to liberate more nutrients for healthier crops, and has also been proven to increase antioxidant enzymes that protect plants during times of stress. This leads to greater water retention and improved plant water economy.

Like most crops in the U.S. Kazemba’s experienced drought in 2012, and Generate® helped those crops through the times of severe stress.

“In a dry year, Generate® will probably help your crops even more percentage wise. Anything that helps the plant through stress times is a benefit,” Kazemba said. “We have a goal of trying to increase yields and we will take them as high as they will go.”