Generate® Promotes Crop Health and Corn, Alfalfa Yields for Gary Erdmann

Gary Erdmann has witnessed tremendous change during his decades as manager of Southwest Minnesota Dairy in Russell, MN. When the dairy industry transitioned toward fewer larger producers, he expanded the business to include agronomy services. Since then, Erdmann has seen advanced in plant genetics, weed and pest control and last year tested another product that improved plant health and yields, Generate® from Agnition.

Erdmann saw the first Generate® results in an alfalfa field. Alfalfa is typically a quick responder to Generate® and this field demonstrated how fast.

“You could see it right away, right down to the row of where it was treated. The alfalfa treated with Generate® was taller and greener. When it was harvested, we saw the yield up 300-400 more lbs/acre, and that was good,” Erdmann said. “I think alfalfa has a lot of potential. That’s where we have seen the biggest gain. Agnition did the check and the response showed.”

In the trial that Erdmann referred to, the treated alfalfa yielded .56 tons/acre greater dry weight and increased relative feed value 2.25 points. In 2013 Erdmann is going to expand his trials to include pasture grass as well.

Alfalfa wasn’t the only crop where Erdmann documented a positive response. In a corn trial with control strips on either side of check strip, the corn treated with Generate® at the recommended rate of 1 quart/acre yielded an additional 11 bushels/acre.

“That’s positive there,” Erdmann said in his typical understated manner. “We’ve got some potential.”

Erdmann keeps a close eye on soil nutrients for his clients. He said he recommends soil testing for all of his clients because crop genetics require more nutrients to achieve greater yields. Generate® increases microbial activity which liberates more nutrients for healthier soil and healthier plants.

“We used to build soil. Now we are taking the nutrients out every year. We are really down the most in our macros because you need more nutrients for the new genetics. If Generate® frees up more nutrients, the crops should perform,” Erdmann said.