Healthier Crops Stay Greener Longer with Generate®

The 2012 growing season was a lot like 2011 in southwest Minnesota: Plenty of moisture early and then drought from midsummer on. Patchy late summer rains had a significant impact on yields. The fields that caught a rain produced average to above average yields. Generate® formulated with Microbial Catalyst® technology typically improved the health of corn and soybean plants, keeping them greener longer so they could make it to the next rain.

“This year again, we got early moisture and then it dries out in July. Generate® helps the plant hang in there longer for that next rain. This year I saw a three bushel yield increase on the soybeans treated with Generate®,” Wendland said.

When Wendland was planting his soybeans near Balaton, MN, the farmer right across the fence line was planting the same variety the very same day. Both fields experienced drought conditions during the late summer months; however, Wendland’s soybeans remained green about two weeks longer than the neighbor’s beans that had not been treated with Generate®.

“With the soybeans this year, there was a very visual difference. The soybeans with Generate® stayed greener longer and when it got real dry this year, they held their own. What that means is if they are under stress, they stay healthier longer and they produce more. If the plants can stay green and you catch a rain in August, it makes a big difference. I had similar results with the corn this year. It kept looking better longer and there was more corn out there than I expected,” Wendland said.

Greener plants were not the only indication that his soybean plants were healthier and better able to produce during times of stress. Wendland applied Generate®, which stimulates microbial activity, as a foliar mixed with his herbicide. Several weeks after treatment, Wendland checked the soybean plant root structure. He witnessed a typical response to Generate®, a large number of healthy, red nitrogen fixing nodules.

“I check my roots every year. I think there were more red nodules this year than any other year in the past,” Wendland said.

Wendland applied Generate® as a foliar to his soybeans and in-furrow mixed with starter fertilizer to his corn crop. The flexibility and compatibility of the product is essential to Wendland.

“It’s really easy to handle. For the corn I mixed it right in with my bulk liquid fertilizer. Having it available in totes made it even easier,” Wendland said.