Bruce Brunk is not afraid to try new technologies to increase the profitability of his farm north of Rushmore, MN. During the 2012 growing season, he mixed Generate®, a microbial and nutrient catalyst from AgNition, with water and sprayed alternating strips over 20 acres of corn. Corn treated with Generate® yielded up to 11 bushels/acre more than the check. Working with his yield maps after harvest Brunk saw a consistent 6-7 bushel/acre increase throughout the entire 20 acres.

“Generate® is definitely a product worth using again. I am going to treat at least half of my corn and 25% of my beans next year,” Brunk said. “It is a product that I would recommend to others. I’ve always tried new things and stuck my neck out a little. Then you stumble onto a product like this and it makes a difference. I applied the product when my corn was about hip high in mid-June, and I checked the results when I went to combine.”

Generate® is formulated with exclusive SoluMin® mineral technology that makes minerals, like the proprietary form of cobalt, in Generate® 100% available to plants and microbes. The solubility and availability of Generate® allow translocation of active ingredients to plants roots making it an extremely effective product when applied as a foliar.

Generate® is applied at one quart/acre and can be mixed with water, as Brunk did, or it can be mixed with liquid fertilizers, glyphosate and other sprays. Brunk said the product was easy-to-use and increased his profitability.

“Five-10 more bushels/acre may not be a statistical difference, but it can make a big difference to the bottom line. If you can add $30-$40 to your bottom line without adding a lot of cost, your profit increases very fast,” Brunk said.

Brunk has recently incorporated aeration tillage and other practices that promote soil health. Generate® naturally stimulates soil microbes, which fits well into his program, he said.

“I think every farmer thinks about soil health one way or another,” Brunk said. “If you are going to get something from Mother Nature, you better work with her and not against her and it’s best to do that as naturally as possible.”