Ralco Brand Agnition Claims its Place in the Ag Industry at Farmfest 2012

Farmfest, the largest farm show in Minnesota, had free pancake breakfasts, pork chop feeds and plenty of politicians. However, this year there was something new. The Agnition team introduced innovative products like Generate®, a microbial catalyst that increases crop yields, to a large number of farmers. The event also provided an opportunity for Agnition to establish itself in the agriculture industry.

“It’s really significant to participate in an event like Farmfest which is a celebration of agriculture,” said Brian Knochenmus, vice president of Ralco. “The show was also very significant for us because it was a culmination of five years of hard work, research and preparation leading up to this event. It feels like a new phase. It has taken us years to get here but I also look at it as a new beginning. Our participation at Farmfest signifies the start of the next level for Agnition and Generate® as a product.”

Agnition is a brand of Ralco that helps producers improve crop production and performance with exclusive technologies that promote stewardship and profitability. Most farmers are searching for simple solutions to improve their profitability and increase yields to help feed the world. Many producers saw that solution in Generate®.

“It’s been very important for us to become a member of the crop production side of agriculture. Agriculture in general has a real sense of maximizing food production to overcome the challenges we face. We need to double food production during the next 40 years to feed a growing global population and it’s products like Generate® that farmers are looking for. Generate® maximizes crop genetic potential and what’s also important for the producer is that it maximizes their profitability,” Brian said.

Generate® is a flexible and very compatible product that farmers can easily incorporate into their operation. A liquid product applied at one quart/acre in-furrow or foliar; Generate® has been proven to increase corn yields by an average of 7.6 bushels/acre, soybeans by 2.2 bushels/acre and increase alfalfa dry weight by 10% and relative feed value by 3 points. Profitable results and ease of use are two primary reasons producers are attracted to Generate®.

“We are not asking them to do anything differently than their normal production practices. In other words, we are not asking them to make another pass in the field which is economical and efficient. The consistent repose we see makes Generate® a very profitable product for farmers,” Brian said.