Generate® in Latin America

Many miles away from the small greenhouse in rural Minnesota were Generate® began, the microbial catalyst continues to demonstrate its effectiveness on various plants in different climates and soils. Generate® recently proved its versatility as it entered Latin America by positively impacting the growth and performance of flowers and pasture grass. Numerous research trials are currently underway; however, the initial results show that Generate® is producing the same positive impact in Latin America as it has in the United States.

“The results they have seen in their research down there are the same results we are seeing in the greenhouse here. Generate® is a product that we know will work on the common crops that Latin America shares with the Unites States. As we are now seeing, it also improves the performance of different plants in very different climates. We fully expect to see the same consistent and profitable results that we have seen in North America,” Ralco President, Jon Knochenmus said.

Production and export of flowers is an enormous industry in Latin America. An almost year around growing season and relatively rapid plant growth provide an excellent opportunity to continually replicate research. When Generate® was applied to baby’s breath (genus: gypsophila var million star), the results were physically noticeable. When Generate® was applied in soil and as a foliar across 10 replications; plant height was increased by an average of 20%.

Generate® increases beneficial microbial activity for better plant health and performance. When applied to limonium var diamond in soil and as a foliar Generate® increased plant height by as much as 154%. Increased plant growth produced earlier bloom and significantly reduced the production cycle, which means more plants/growing season. Also, increased plant health resulted in reduced plant mortality.

Research is continuing on both sides of the boarder. In the U.S., farmers are preparing to participate in around 100 corn and soybean field trials. Also, year around greenhouse research is underway. In Latin America research is being conducted on various fruits, vegetables and tree nuts as well as corn, soybeans and pasture grass.

Jon said improving agriculture is essential to the mission of Ralco, and Generate® is one more way to accomplish that mission.

“We are very excited to be expanding the Ralco brand of Agnition in Latin America,” Jon said. “We see Latin America as a very important partner in the quest to produce enough food to meet rising demand worldwide. Generate® is a technology that fits to the future to help fulfill the coming food demands that we are facing.”