Agnition and Generate® are Prepared for 2012

From a greenhouse experiment five years ago to 40 corn and 40 soybean commercial field trials in 2011, Generate®, a microbial and nutrient catalyst for agricultural production, is poised to make an even greater impact on plant health and yields in 2012.

Currently, 34 Agnition dealers from Pennsylvania to California have signed up to introduce Generate® into the broader agricultural community. Dealers are required to meet a specific sales target during a 12 month period. Some achieved that goal in one month. Generate® has been well received by producers and agronomists this winter season, and many are ready to try the product out for themselves.

“Where we are right now for the 2012 season is where I hoped we would be, and I think if you are where you hoped to be – then you are in a good spot,” said Brian Knochenmus, vice president of Ralco of which Agnition is a brand. “The response and reception to Generate® has been overwhelmingly positive. This is due to the fact that it is so easy-to-use, versatile and effective. The response is beyond were we thought we would be when it comes to the number of plants where people are willing to use this technology.”

Brian said maintaining focus and a scientific approach is critical to the further success of Generate®. Around 30 greenhouse trials are on the agenda for 2012. Also around 100 dealer-demo field trials focused on in-furrow and foliar application for corn and soybeans will begin during the next couple of months. The Agnition team is also working with universities and crop consulting specialists to determine impact on corn, soybeans and sugar beets. Alfalfa, potatoes and wheat trials are also part of the 2012 research plan.

Beyond grains and forages, the positive impact of Generate® is being measured on fruits, tree nuts and vegetables in various countries. Brian said the exclusive technologies, including patent-pending SoluMin™ technology, make Generate® unlike any other product on the market.

“The two really key areas we are affecting are microbes and micronutrients. Generate®’s impact on both is profound,” Brian said. “Generate® sets the plant and its environment in motion, and the impact that Generate® has on microbes and micronutrients in the field produce the yields and results that we are seeing. Our mineral technology is unlike anything else on the market. Generate® is a product that will work year one. Our technology outperforms anything else out there and that is an exciting thing for the brand. Generate® truly is a new way to grow.”

During the 2011 trials, Generate® improved corn yields by 7.6 bushels/acre when applied in-furrow and 7.7 bushels/acre when applied as a foliar. Generate® improved soybean yields by 1.9 bushels/acre when applied in-furrow and 2.9 bushels/acre when applied as a foliar. Generate® also increased alfalfa dry weight by 35% and relative feed value by 10%.