Visitors learn more about Generate®, opportunities in Latin America

Generate®, a microbial and nutrient catalyst from Agnition, has primarily improved the performance of crops native to the Midwest United States. That’s all about to change. Ana Maria Serrano from Ecuador and Alejandro Velazco from Columbia see the potential for Generate® to improve the yield and performance of various crops ranging from sugar cane to bananas. Ana and Alejandro traveled from their Latin American homes to attend a recent meeting in Balaton, MN to learn more about Generate®.

“All of the research that has been done is very impressive and it provides great support for us,” Ana said. “To see where the product comes from is very exciting. When they started, they were looking for one thing and found something else; that is also impressive. We need those kinds of discoveries in agriculture to keep up with demand.”

Ana has extensive experience working with dairies and cattle. She can see the opportunity for Generate® to improve pasture grass and other crops used for feed. However, she also sees the occasion to positively impact other industries as well.

“We have a lot of other applications in Ecuador like bananas, sugar cane, fruit and greenhouses. Ecuador exports a lot of flowers and this product will work very well in the greenhouse,” Ana said.

Alejandro primarily works with animal health and nutrition products in Columbia and Venezuela. He can foresee Generate® improving sorghum, wheat, rice and pasture grass production. He also likes the fact that Generate® is a natural solution for production challenges.

“There is a lot of potential for Generate® as far as increasing yield without the use of additional fertilizer. It’s more natural and that is a key advantage,” he said.

The travelers were greeted by sub-zero temperatures when they arrived in Minnesota, which was a major transition from their temperate climates. When asked what they thought of the weather, both said,” Freezing.” However, the trip was worth it because of the hot opportunities they see for Generate® in Latin America.

Ralco currently has distribution and is actively pursuing product registration in 16 Latin American countries.