Randy Miller Signs on as First Agnition Dealer

There have been a lot of firsts as Ralco develops Agnition, a brand dedicated to crop production. There was the first product, Generate®, a microbial and nutrient catalyst that improves crop performance and yield. There were the first research trials. The first sale, and now, there is the first dealer. Randy Miller, a farmer and business owner from Balaton, MN is the first Agnition dealer.

Randy has deep ties to Balaton and the surrounding agricultural community as does Ralco and Agnition. However, it takes more than commonalities to form a strong commitment and solid partnership. It takes trust and in the case of Generate®, it takes results.

“It’s hitting me more and more. I just got my soybean yield maps and right where the Generate® was, the yield is up. It’s right there on the map,” Randy said. “It’s also exciting to be in on the ground level so to speak and with the Knochenmus family and Ralco, you know the backing is there.”

Four years of research have gone into Generate®. Randy participated in the 2011 field trials. Forty corn trials were conducted which produced an average increase of 6.7 bushel/acre. Also 40 soybean trials were conducted which produced a 3.2 bushel/acre average increase. Those are solid results Randy will take to the marketplace, yet he knows there will be challenges.

“It will have its obstacles, but I think it’s here to stay. It’s new, and you’re going to have a few farmers who are going to see this as snake oil. But this is a convenient product that produces consistent positive results,” he said. “I talk to salesmen where they say that their product sells itself, and I think we have that same thing here.”

The strong ties that Ralco, Agnition and Randy share are significant. Randy and the ownership of Ralco, Jon and Brian Knochenmus, all attended high school in the same building that has been revamped to house the Agnition team. Ralco believes in investing in rural communities and having a positive impact on agriculture. The investment in remodeling the former school and the employees that investment attracts are positive for the small community.

“I just have to say that what Ralco and Agnition have done for this community has just been fantastic. They have invested in this community, and that’s something you just don’t see very often,” Randy said.

If you are interested in becoming an Agnition dealer or want to learn more about Generate®, visit www.agnition.com.