Generate® improves yields and profits during the 2011 harvest.

In 2011 Ralco launched a new brand, Agnition, made up of a team of industry leaders dedicated to improving crop production and performance. Ralco is primarily recognized as a leader in livestock nutrition and animal health, but the innovative company had a microbial and nutrient catalyst, Generate®, that had to be shared with the world.

After three years of greenhouse research Generate® was ready to be put to the test in more than 100 small-plot and commercial trials. The catalyst that can be used in furrow, pre-plant incorporated, as a foliar and seed treatment greatly improves sustainable crop yields across the board.

“I was quite confident going into this year that we were going to see a difference, but I didn’t think that we would see the difference we did,” Ken Danielowski of Agnition said.

On average, Generate® increased corn yields by 7.2 bushels/acre and soybean yields by 3.5 bushels/acre. Much of the region where the trials were conducted, experienced drought and an early frost, which likely blunted the impact of Generate®.

“Going through this whole large-plot program, we didn’t really know what to expect. Much of the research up to that point was done in the greenhouse, but during the third tier, when we were doing pod and kernel counts, we knew we were onto something pretty dramatic. The early frost and drought probably kept the results from being even more dramatic,” Ken said.

Philip Lerseth, a farmer from Beresford, SD participated in the 2011 commercial trials. He could see and measure the improvement Generate® made to his corn and alfalfa crops.
“I thought the corn stayed a nice green color and the plants were healthier. Our corn yielded 7-12 bushels/acre better than the corn that was not treated,” Philip said. “With the alfalfa, it did look like a healthier plant, it leafed out better and it did yield better. You could see the difference in the alfalfa that was sprayed with Generate®.”